Friday, November 21, 2008

Working Moms miss out!

One of the hardest parts about working is missing out. I feel every week that I have missed out on different pieces of my families lives. Bed time kisses and prayers, dinner around the table, interesting stories about what happened at school... Conversations missed with Clint and spending time alone with him after the kids go to bed. While I do get those things on the nights I don't work, its still tough on the nights I do. Last night I missed my first "event" for one of our children. Rather then complaining about missing it I will use the rest of my blogging time to brag about Drew's accomplishment.
Drew absolutely LOVES art! She has been honored for her art at school a few different times. She's been chosen by her teachers as well as her classmates for excellent artwork. Last night she was honored at a district wide awards ceremony for the "Best Book I Ever Read" poster contest!!! Her artwork is be displayed right now at the Lynnwood Library if you want to go check it out.

We are so proud of her!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Homeschool blog:2

It's been a while since I've written about this but I am trying to take things slow since I have a year of public school to finish. As much as I'd like to take off running w/ homeschooling right now, I know this extra time is going to help prepare me for the journey ahead. I am excited and scared all at the same time! I've been reading a couple books and have many more lined up. I want to take in all that I can before I start making any "big" decisions for our first year. Their is SO much to consider.

Things I am praying and pondering over...

~Can we do this? Neither Clint or I went to college and we both just barely got through high school. I often ask myself if we have the knowledge and wisdom to do this. I'm praying for wisdom. James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."

~Co-op or no co-op? I know being part of home school organizations will benefit us but I'm not sure if I want to do it the first year. My girls will both be "deschooling" and because of this I want to take things easy and make fun and creativity a priority.

~Text books, work books, curriculum? Should I use these? Which ones? How much will it cost? The common pattern I'm reading and hearing about from homeschoolers is how often work books and text books can become more of a burden then a blessing. Since I was raised in institutional school and both my girls have done that thus far, I fear how easy it might be to fall into the patterns and procedure of the institutional schooling process. I do not want homeschooling for us to just be sitting around a table doing worksheets and answering questions from text books. However, it seems that they are a vital "tool" for homeschooling. I just need to keep it a tool and not let it be a tyrant. How will this look for us?

~Change? This is going to bring much change into our lives. I alone am going to have the change the most. I will need to shift some of my priorities quite a bit to give my kids the time they need and deserve and to be the best influence possible. Time spent online, chatting on the phone, attending every social gathering, being a part of everything, various ministries... all things that will have to decrease or at least change in order for me to give this my best. God has already begun a work in me.

Things we are very excited about...

~Our first purchase! Clint and I bought maps the other day to hang in our playroom. We got one of each; the World, North America, US and a bonus poster w/ the flags of the world. (good price at Costco if your interested) We are confident they will come in handy for homeschooling. Maybe one day we can mark them up with all the places we travel in the US. (Field trips!)

~Tornado's, sports and honey! Both the girls have thought of some things they are excited to learn about when we home school. Drew wants to learn about the history of sports. How they started, who, where? She is also very interested in learning more about tornado's. Lilly is excited to learn how bee's make honey.

~Freedom!!! Homeschooling is going to give us the freedom to learn about all the things we are interested in and the time to do it.

~Family!!! Spending the entire day learning, working and playing together. Being the key influence and role model in my children's lives and growing deeper in relationship with them because of it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas is coming

Only 36 shopping days left!!! where I've been doing some of mine.

I figure I'll spend less even after shipping costs by staying OUT of the stores.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Normally I take much enjoyment from watching Gus and all his "BOY"isms. Today was another story. Gus walks in the house saying "I got it Mom. I got it!" I turn to see just what he's got... It was a WORM! A WORM! YUCK!!!! Call me crazy but I think those things are disgusting. Then he started to cry and get freaked out by it (probably because of my reaction... oops.) and he dropped it on the kitchen floor! Guess who had to pick that nasty thing up and toss it back outside. That's right, ME! ( I used a paper towel of course) I do not look forward to the many creatures that boy might just bring inside over the years.

PS- I chose a picture of this cute worm which looks nothing like the nasty one that was in my kitchen today. YUCK!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A change of seasons

When I think of change I can’t help but reflect on the visual picture we see when a change of season occurs in the world around us. The most recent change we’ve seen can be a beautiful one to watch unfold. As the wind blows smooth and swift or whips hard and fast through the trees it is sure to evoke change. The last of the flower petals fall and the trees lose their beautiful blankets of red and gold. Some leaves seem to hold on until the very last minute before being pulled off by the winds force. That last leaf to fall has become brown and brittle and no longer brings much beauty to the season. When it meets its final destination of the hard ground it is sure to crumble.

I my friends have been like that leaf. God has sent winds of change into my life. I am like a scared little leaf clinging to the tree for fear of what will happen if I let go. But I must. I must let go and let God carry me to my next destination, the next season He has for me. If I hold on much longer I am sure to become brown in spirit and brittle in faith. I am sure to hit the ground hard and brake into pieces. So I choose to let the winds of change God has brought into my life carry me gracefully to the next season. I know the journey won’t always be easy, but He who is guiding me will be my strength along the way.

A change of seasons can bring a change of heart. (I’ll post on this one soon)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Still adjusting to working outside the home~thankful for Hubby helping out~Feel like disconnecting myself from the world most days~made my first home school purchase~not much time in the Word lately~today NEEDS to be laundry day~Reconnecting with my Big ickster a bit~Beat her at darts last night (found out I'm pretty good for a first timer)~Struggling to find the perfect birth control~Valuing my family time more than ever~want to get away for a mini vacation...just us~Thankful for 2 short school weeks in a row~Craving the submersion of myself into a good fiction~Constantly fascinated by the boyisms of our boy~Martha, Martha, Martha! Where are you Mary? I need you~Pruning, molding, growing, shaping. Change can be a good thing~Saying "NO" to deep fried foods~Soccer Mom job done for the season (yes, one more thing off my list!)~Storm Chasers Sunday's @7pm with the whole family. We love it!~Signing off to spend some much need time with my Heavenly Father ~

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's her birthday today!

Heather is...

Happy to be celebrated today
Awesome Mom and friend
Thoughtful thinker
Helpful and honest (couldn't choose just one)
Eager to be the best mom she can be
Running man master!!!

Sister in Christ

Making healthy food choices
Yep! She's really creative too


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations/What does this mean for us?

Most of you know that I am a McCain supporter. However while McCain was recanting I couldn't help but be filled with warm fuzzies at the fact that America has her first Black President. Now ALL little boys can actually believe in the dream of one day being President! Congratulations on your HISTORIC VICTORY Obama!

On the other hand I am trying not to freak out about the whole thing. I know and trust that God places our leaders. I just can't help but wonder if He has placed this leader to let us give in to our sinful nature and allow us to make choices that are certain to further pollute and pervert the few moral values we have left in America. All the thoughts that are running through my mind make feel feel okay that we are not having more kids. (I'm sure that will pass though)

All I have left to say is GO PALIN 2012!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The down side to all those cute costumes...

We had each of the kids pic out some of their favorites and we are getting rid of the rest. (thanks Trina for the great idea) Of course Clint and I will be picking some of our favorites too!

These ones work! Click to see larger.

Weekend Review

Trick or Treat!!!

The kids had a great time at the school Monster Mash and trick or treating. Gus learned very quickly that if he said "tick teat" he got some candy in his bag. Drew was a clown, Lilly a care bear and Gus a lion.
Rivals Costume Party
The Costumes
Britney and K-Fed
Hot and Cold
Beauty and the Geek
Coke and Pepsi x2
Black and White (we missed you white)
Amy and Madonna
Paper and Plastic
Peter Pan and Captain Hook
Chaos and Structure
Cruella Devil and a Dalmatian Puppy
Father and an Alter boy
A man with a (trying to quit smoking) monkey on his back
Dorthy and the Wicked Witch
Kyle Stannert and Clint Mitchell

The Party
Dancing, Dancing and more Dancing!!!
Burn barrel
Hanging out
Can't wait for next year. Hmmmmm what will the theme be?
Gus moves to a "Big Boy Bed"!
He did great! The transition was WAY easier then I expected. I thought I would morn the loss of a crib but how can I when he looks so adorable in his new bed.