Monday, May 17, 2010

A letter to my 20's

To my dearest 20’s,

We have been together for a long time. 10 years in fact! We’ve had a lot of good times haven’t we? As I think about you I realize that you brought me some of the most amazing and memorable experiences I will have throughout my entire life time! It is you who has shaped so much of what my life will for hold for all the years to come. I am forever grateful for you. Yes, we have had a few bad times. Things I don’t like to even think about. But we made it through didn’t we. You and me made a great team. But now it is time to say goodbye. I will miss you 20’s. But I will never forget you as you live on in my heart forever.

Ps- Just so we never forget what we had together, I have made us a list of some of our amazing memories.
In my 20’s I…
Married the man of my dreams
Met and fell in-love with Jesus
Gave birth to 3 of my 4 beautiful children
Purchased my first house
Had 8 different Jobs
Discovered that I love to teach kids
Grew a whole shoe size and added plenty of junk to the trunk
Made so many wonderful friends (the kind I will have 4-ever)
Started homeschooling
Became a scrapbooker, couponer, and a blogger
Took my 2nd and best trip to Disneyland
Did the YMCA in front of thousands of crazy stampers
Said a last goodbye to both my Grandmas and my Papa
Had an article written about me in the news paper
Lived out my Pop Star fantasy on the karaoke stage
Visited Florida, Utah, Louisiana, Illinois & Mexico for the first time
Spent over 2 years being pregnant
Bought a Mini Van (even though I swore I never would) and I LOVE it!
Had countless different hairstyles

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a little math

lilly's gymnastic show + family and friends over for treats + birthday parties and fiestas + sleep overs + sunny weather + snuggling on the couch until falling asleep with gus (my fave part) + playing games with my girls + working in the garden + hanging out with my aunt and cousin + thoughtful and handmade gifts from my kiddos + church + brunch with ma and pa + relaxing and laying in the sun + a walk with my family + banana split + long chats with hubby
a happy, proud and thankful mama