Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Totals

Aaaaaaah, don't we all just love sticking to a budget??? Clint and I have set a monthly budget of $400 for groceries and toiletries which I think is pretty darn good for a family of six. What is included in our budget?
Any and all food items
Any and all beauty products
All over the counter meds
I buy allergy meds for both Clint and Drew plus a constant supply of heartburn meds for Clint. (yes, I know he needs to go see a Dr but that will have to wait until we get insurance in May.)
All paper products such as tp, paper towels, napkins, plates...
All baby products INCLUDING DIAPERS
Basically all consumable items in our house with the exception of school supplies.
(I DO count couponing supplies in our budget though)
Well I am happy to say that in January we were under budget!!!!
Total spent: $ 355.41
Total Saved: $680.68
Of that $680.68, $335 was from coupons alone!
Let me just say that I LOVE coupons!!!
What am I going to do with my extra $45 you ask???
Well buy some groceries for my sister who is a single Mom of course!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Been feeling like this

Not really sure why??? Went to bed on Friday an extrovert and woke up on Saturday an introvert. Had lots of time to myself this weekend and LOVED it!!! And would quite honestly be home more then any where else in the world right now.
Home sweet home :) hmmmmmmmm