30 day Challenge

For Who: Anyone willing to join me...YOU :)

What: Whatever you would like to challenge yourself to do or not do for 30 days

How it works: Pick your challenge, decide when you will start, post/comment about it or let someone know who can encourage you or help keep you accountable throughout your 30 days. Or keep it between you and God is good too. And GO FOR IT!!!!

The History: Clint and I recently watched "Super Size Me". You know that movie where the guy ate McDonalds and only McDonalds for 30 days straight. Well Clint and I decided to do our own 30 day Challenge. We decided to NOT eat ANY fast food for 30 days. We classified fast food as anything that had a drive through. Anyways, WE DID IT and it wasn't hard at all.

So as I have recently been challenged about taking better care of my body and also feeling like I need more time in the Word I decided to take on 2 30 Day Challenges.

My 30 Day Challenge #1
I am going to crack open the bible and read everyday from God's Word. Some days it will be a little and some days a lot. No matter what, I will be cataloging it on this blog.
My rules for this challenge are...
1) This reading must take place in the bible. That bible could be in my hand, online or on my phone.
My kids story bibles, verses read on FB, text messages, or scattered around my house will not count.
2) I must read a minimum of one paragraph (I hope I will do more but not committing)

My 30 Day Challenge #2
I am going to get at least 20 minutes of exercise everyday. Some days I will go to the gym, others day I might just walk in my neighborhood or do the WII Fit. Just like the other challenge no matter what, I will catalog it on this blog.
My Rules for this challenge are...
1) The exercise must be purposeful. I cannot stroll Target for 20 minutes looking for a gift and call it exercise. But I can purposefully play tag with my kids in order to get 20 minutes of exercise.
2) I must be elevating my heart rate. You may call this rule a no brainer but I can easily be a cheater and take a leisurely stroll without much effort so I must give myself parameters.

Will you take the 30 Day Challenge with me??? It can be anything. I hope you decide to join me. I look forward to hearing about how you will challenge yourself.