Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stepping on the scale

Long time no blog! I have a million excuses but I will spare you... More importantly I have some exciting news to share!

My husband and I (along with our community group) are starting a discipleship program called the Story Formed Life. My dear friend Heather took this class a couple years ago and I have been wanting to take it ever since. Last week we had some what of a information/Q & A time with our leader. After the meeting I am even more excited but also a bit anxious.

The way this particular discipleship class is set up is over a course of 10 weeks we will look at different portions of Gods story from the bible. We will start with the basic foundational truths of our faith and then look at how we ought to then live according to those truths. (Please correct me fellow disciple-shippers if I am explaining this wrong) The following is a break down of the 10 weeks-

spirit led life
disciplined life
being the church
I am so excited to go back to the basics and hopefully gain a better understanding of these foundational truths. I am also very anxious though... Each week after we have spent time reading, meditating, praying and discussing the scriptures for the week we will have the opportunity to rate how much we truly believe it on a scale of 1-10. (stepping on the scale) I think it would be easy to say "Of course I believe God created the Heavens and the earth" and "of course I believe that me and everyone else on this planet are made in His image. The bible says so!" but if I take a good hard look at how I look at myself sometimes and others....can I really give my self a 10? Probably not.

I am praying for a humble and teachable heart this week and that God would show me my unbelief so that I can grow closer to him and stronger in faith.

When my friend Heather did this course she blogged about her journey each week and it was such a blessing for me to see her heart be challenged and changed each week. My hope is that I too will catalog my journey via this blog along the way.