Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday Evie!!!

6 months already! Yes, I can believe how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was changing my tweens diapers!

Evie is hitting the miles stones fast. (with the exception of sleeping through the night) She loves to chow down on food, rolls all over the place, has great hand eye coordination (she can find her binky, put it in her mouth and flip it over if it's upside down) and this past week she started sitting up and drinking from a cup. I am really excited about her sitting up cause she would much rather play on the floor then in one of the zillion baby contraptions we have and sitting up will make it much more enjoyable for her (I hope). She laughs and chatters but really loves to growl. When we were in the hospital Clint started doing a low growl to get her to stop crying so I blame him for having a growling baby :)

As you can see her hair on top has grown a ton and she is now a pigtail girl...SO CUTE! But the hair on her sides has been falling out. A few of us have come up with our own ideas of what it looks like...Clint: She looks like a Tom Boy! (he loves it)
Heather: It looks like old lady hair that is thinning.
Mom: It looks like a dollar store barbie dolls hair. (If you've ever bought a barbie from the dollar store you know what I am talking about)

Whatever you decide it looks like, we think she's the cutest baby ever :)

This next pic features another one of her fabulous hair styles.
This is the "pigtails aftermath" doo. Doesn't she just melt your heart?

Happy 1/2 Birthday Evie girl!!!
We love you little lady