Wednesday, March 30, 2011

18 Months+18 fun facts about Evie

Some people are just born awesome and this is what those people are like when they are toddlers...

18. For a toddler Evie sure has some hitch in her giddy up! She can run fast to keep up with the bigger kids. Its so cute to watch her do her waddle run.

17. She can sleep for hours! She has been know to stay in bed for 15 hours straight. Doc says we can enjoy it while it lasts :)

16. Evie is EXTREMELY persistent and demanding. When she wants something she will bark up every tree she comes across until she gets it. I am hoping she will channel that persistence in the right direction as she grows. Maybe be a hell, fire and brimstone evangelist...HA

15. She is highly motivated by food. When she realizes I am about give her a snack she does a cute little happy dance saying "yay! yay! yay!" before she sits on the floor to be handed her snack. I am thinking she got that floor sitting thing from the nursery at grace.

14. She loves to give kisses! She'll come at you with her lips puckered saying "mmmmmmmmmuah!" One time while we were waiting to be seated at a restaurant she was giving all of us kisses and when she was done with us she went for the hostess.

13. Evie also knows how to give bear hugs. Daddy taught her to growl when giving a big hug :)

12. She is talking a ton and it is uber cute. Her most often said words are woa, uh oh, no, mine, pretty, cookie, papa, mama, yay, up, pease, hi, ya, bye bye, ni night and so much more. If she's in the mood you can get her to repeat almost anything you say. (scary)

11. When she sings along to the ABC's she says I I I I I I I, I I I I I I I I I, but  at least she stays on melody.

10. Speaking of singing....Evie loves to sing! Its so cute when we are riding in the car and all of us get real quiet so we can listen to her pretty little songs as she stares out the window.

9. Evie likes to get jiggy with it! Just like her mama she can get down and loves to do so. If she hears a rhythm she starts a movin'.

8. Evie only has 2 teeth and no signs of anymore coming soon. All of our kids got teeth late but Evie is setting a new record! Most kids her age already have a mouthful. Dentist says this means she'll probably lose her teeth way late too. Maybe 12 year molers by 20???

7. Point a camera at her and she'll smile real big and say CHEEEEEEEESE!

6. She knows the animal sounds for dog, cat and elephant! Elephant is especially cute cause she uses her arm as the trunk. Though I don't think she actually knows what an elephant is yet...

5. Evie has some bad habits too. Like screaming at the top of her lungs over and over again to get what she wants or taking a big sip from her cup only to spit it all over the place. She also has been known to throw food or rub it in her hair. Her worst habit by far though is smacking people in the face. We are all born sinners...

4. She loves to take showers!!! When someone turns the shower on Evie is usually running to the bathroom so she can get in to. She does not mind the water running over her face at all. In fact she thinks its fun to have the water splash all over her face. Which reminds me of #3...

3. Evie absolutely LOVES it when someone (usually brother) sprays her face with the water bottle. Its the weirdest thing to me but she will get mad and scream when the water bottle is empty or if we refuse to spray her. She resorts to spraying herself in the face if no one will but as you can imagine, Gus is usually happy to accommodate her.

2. RANCH DRESSING!!! Evie will gladly dip, double dip, triple dip, quadruple dip ANYTHING in ranch. When she gets married I am pretty sure she will have a ranch fountain at her wedding.

1. Clint and I often shake are heads at how darn cute she is and how much her presents in our family is such a joy and blessing to all of us. We are so thankful God gave us Evelyn Louise as our bonus baby!
Here's that pucker I was telling you about...irresistible!


Bina said...

So cute and sweet!!

Kerry said...

I can't believe its already been 18 months! Love the Mohawk!

Kevin Marshall said...

Aww :) SHe is So Cute and adorable :)
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Web Designing said...

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