Monday, December 27, 2010

1000 Gifts: 21-100

holy experience 
I have really been loving this! My hope was to combat my discontentment by choosing to see all of the many gifts that are before me on a daily basis. So, rather then sitting down on Monday to catalog all of the gifts, I have kept a cute little journal with me to jot down gifts as they arise. At times when I was feeling discontetended about something, I forced myself to look for a gift. And what do ya know...I always found one! The funnest part about this whole list is that each and every one has a story behind it. Feel free to ask me sometime :)

~21Modern medicine (Excedrin Migraine)
~22 My husbands sweet smell
~23 Gus' peanut butter sandwich dance
~24 Drew caring for Evie
~25 Spiral bound journals
~26 How much my nutcracker soldiers remind me of my grandparents
~27 A fun day at my in-laws
~28 Making treats with family and friends
~29 Carbonation
~30 Finding the perfect person to pass our baby stuff to
~31 Clean and organized kids bedrooms
~32 To be doing 1000 gifts alongside friends
~33 Forgiveness
~34 Tender moments between siblings
~35 A never changing God
~36 Gods constant faithfulness
~37 Sleeping in late
~38 Waking up to Gus saying "can I snuggle wit choo?"
~39 Evie's awesome morning hair do's
~40 That Clint is not afraid to BBQ in the winter
~41 Sweet neighbor ladies
~42Swagbucks (= free $)
~43 Almond extract
~44 Clean running water at my finger tips
~45 Nana's homemade hot cocoa mix
~46 Crock-pot cooking
~47 My digital picture frame and all the pics in it
~48 Q-tips
~49 Sweet text messages from Clint
~50 My Kitchen Aid
~51 Drew's helpfulness
~52 Good phone chats w/ Heather
~53 A clean kitchen sink
~54 Satan's lies being exposed
~55 And for Gods truths that replace those lies
~56 Friends that aren't afraid to speak truth into my life
~57 Netflix
~58 Hand-me-downs
~59 Reliable vehicles
~60 Our cozy home
~61Listening to the kids laugh and giggle while singing Christmas songs and decorating cookies
~62 For my fun marriage
~63 Josh Turners music
~64 My goofy extended family
~65 Dancing
~66 Clint's silliness
~67 Over hearing Clint and the kids pray and a late night chat prompted by ?'s where he shared about the true meaning of Christmas and the gift that God gave us
~68 Celebrating Jesus' b-day
~69 P.J's after a long day
~70 Saturday morning family breakfast
~71 Old traditions
~72 New ones
~73 Kids excitement and joy over simple gifts
~74 My dishwasher
~75 For a 2nd wind after feeling all pooped out
~76 Cheesecake
~77 A morning walk/run with my girls
~78 Jeremiah 50:33
~79 Lamentations 3:23
~80 psalm 103:22
~81 After Christmas sales
~82 Lilly's sweet little desire to be a healthy and fit person ( I can learn a lot from her)
~83 Empty laundry hampers
~84 Not waiting until New years to make changes God has called me to
~85 Going to the Mall by myself
~86 2 new bras ( you have no idea how bad I needed them)
~87 Mitchell Family Christmas
~88 Clint's Dad sharing his heart and the true meaning of Christmas
~89 Boardgames
~90 Gift cards
~91 laughter
~92 Special time with just me and my #3 and #4
~93 Cousins
~94 New cooking and baking items
~95 Watching Evie perfect her forks skills with pancakes
~96 Fuzzy posters (they keep kids happy while I get stuff done)
~97 Lilly's sweet, careful, playfulness with her new doll
~98 Drew's creativity
~99  Watching Lilly and Gus play make believe together
~100 Looking to God to help me make order out of chaos


Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm in! 1000 Gifts

In an effort to battle discontentment and focus on the MANY blessing my loving God bestows upon me, I have decided to join my dear friend Carrie and the Gratitude Community in cataloging 1000 gifts. I am praying for a change of perspective in the daily doings of my beautiful, challenging, exciting, messy, God given, unique and ordinary life.

holy experience

~1 For my husbands patients and willingness to help me through each struggle

~2 Grilled cheese on homemade bread

~3 Clutter free rooms

~4 Being able to donate items to those in need

~5 Creative ginger bread house designers

~6 That my girls love wrapping presents

~7 Text messaging

~8 For this Blog post and the brother in Christ who shared in with me

~9 Matthew 6:33

~10 Christmas cards

~11 Friends you can always be yourself with

~12 Prayer

~13 Coupon Connections NW

~14 Relaxing music

~15 A long conversation with my Dad

~16 2 weeks off from school

~17 That my kids love Gummy Vites

~18 Quiet moments with God

~19 Family Photos

~20 Extra time with my BFF these last few days