Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1000 Gifts: 227-297 FINALLY!

I was SO disappointed when I couldn't find my cute little notebook I've been writing each one of my gifts in. After a few days of it missing I finally decided I better start a new and temporary list on a separate piece of paper hoping eventually it would turn up. Finally, it did!!! I found it in the bottom of the diaper bag of all places. I can't believe I didn't think to look there. Of course though, now that I am sitting down to blog my gifts I can't find my temporary list...uhg! Thankfully I didn't number any of those so I can just add them in when it turns up.

~227 That working out feels so good
~228 Chapstick
~229 Coupons that come in the mail for FREE items (thank you Safeway)
~230 Craigslist
~231 the beauty of the snow capped mountains when the sun hits them
~232 Miracles! (both big and small)
~233 Long chats with Clint
~234 My in-laws
~235 Hitting all the green lights
~236 The nice childcare workers at my Y
~237 workout with Drew
~238 Hearing praiseworthy news from a dear friend
~239 Waking up to a surprise from my kids to include breakfast and a sweet card listing 8 reasons they love me. Reasons below :)
~240 You are a good cook
~241 You are fun
~242 You are helpful
~243 You let us help you cook
~244 You take us to church
~245 You take me to soccer
~246 You take me to gymnastics
~247 You let me play wii and watch movies
~248 You teach us about God
~249 You give me num num (this was from evie)
~250 A friend calling to check on and encourage me through my struggle
~251 Christian radio
~252 Doctors available on Saturdays
~253 That Clint is so protective of me
~254 A family hike
~255 The beach
~256 Kids curiosity
~257 Drew's responsablity
~258 Finally having time to catch up with a dear friend
~259 The anticipation of doing some fun pre-school stuff with gus and sam
~260 Date night with my man
~261 His kisses
~262 Feeling and acting like teenagers again
~263 Dinner at my dads house
~264 Hanging out with my big icks
~265 Reading an amazing book!!!
~266 Amy Bayley lending it to me
~267 The way he looks at me :)
~268 Blue Moon on tap
~270 An amazing weekend at Lakeside Bible Camp
~271 How serving turns back to a blessing
~272 For all the godly directors and leaders at girls camp. Some amazing women!
~273 Singing, dancing and having fun while praising God
~274 Hearing the gospel in such a simple way
~275 Watching my girls have the time of their lives
~276 Getting to know their friends better
~277 That God has blessed my girls with good Christian friends
~278 Hearing young hearts pray
~279 Special time with Kaitlyn
~280 Seeing her shine!
~281 For a husband who is willing to hold down the fort
~282 How beautiful LBC is when the sun is shining on the lake
~283 Clint texting a pic of Evie that melted my heart
~284 Drew's honesty
~285 Awesome conversations with Drew
~286 Lilly asking questions
~287 my new eating plan
~288 feeling God go before me
~289 hanging out with my dumpster diving, deal seeking buddy
~290 Evie's jibber jabber
~291 My new haircut
~292 For Tanya who wouldn't tale any $ for it. She's too sweet!
~293 Raw almonds
~294 Improv comedy night with friends
~295 The way Evie said Katie at Heathers yesterday. It was SO cute!!!
~296 Mandie and Brandon visiting Grace
~297 Self checkouts

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