Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1000 Gifts: 298-331

I found my missing paper that had my gifts from when I didn't had my notes book so some of these are pretty old again but lots new too :)

~298 My sista's
~299 Lamentations 3:24
~300 Childrens bubble gum flavored fever reducer
~301 Clints support
~302 Planning the summer and the anticipation of some really fun trips
~303 Hubby cheering me up
~304 I-pods
~305 White boards
~306 Teaching Lilly science (I wasn't looking forwardto doing this but have been pleasantly surprised how fun it is)
~307 The coolest online teaching resource ever!
~308 Anticipation for girls camp (obviously old)
~309 The completion of the Mitchell family chore matrix (will post soon)
~310 The kids good attitude about doing it
~311 All Recipes.com
~312 My dad helping to pay for gymnastics
~313 Pretty flowers from my hubby
~314 Listening to Lilly hum worship songs
~315 The sunshine
~316 Kids playing outside
~317 A yummy sandwich
~318 My awesome SLP advisor
~319 My newish vegi steamer
~320 Taking a couple weeks off couponing
~321 How often Gus says "I yuv you, mom"
~322 How Drew makes up fun games to motivate the little kids to clean up
~323 Income tax return
~324 New bath towels
~325 Evie asking me to dance with her
~326 Watching Evie spin herself dizzy
~327 A whole weekend with not even one commitment
~328 Proverbs 30:7-9 thanks Heather
~329 Inexpensive projects that make life a little easier
~330 That I have a hubby who is happy to do those projects
~331 8 months of laundry detergent for less than $10

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